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A simple and funny maze and exploration game, where you must face the threads of the deep ocean in the mission of recovering your precious lost treasures.

Nice graphics, catchy music, and amazing scenario design make this one a game you can’t miss!

This game has been originally created by The Mojon Twins. The original ZX Spectrum version can be downloaded via their official website! Just follow this link to know more and get the game! Also, be sure to check all their cool games for vintage platforms!


You have to search for the 4 artifacts scattered around the bottom of the sea. Once you have everything, carry them to your boat. That’s your goal. You have to look after your oxygen reserves. Oxygen diminishes if you touch seaweeds or fancy underwater animals. And just underwater diminishing it as well, but happily at a much slower pace.

To recover it you whether go to the surface to breathe or find bubbles. Each bubble grants you a “life”, this is 100 extra oxygen units. You start the game with just 100 units and no extra “lives”. So you know you have to look for oxygen! You can shoot harpoons that will paralyze your enemies momentarily. They are quite limited. Recovering artifacts give you a few extra harpoons as well. Save them, they can be quite necessary.

Inside the ship, you’ll find levers that can be activated to make some gates inside the ship open.


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Subacuatic (MSX) 384 kB

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