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Mr. Cracksman is the most famous thief in the world. He loves challenges and
that's the reason why he is planning a huge robbery: the big fortune in the
vaults located at the basement of Richter's Bank!

His task won't be easy, as the Police has been informed about his intentions
and they have surrounded the place with them special forces!

Would you be able to get every coin in each vault and much more treasures
before they catch you? Run for your loot and try to get the highest score!


You take the role of Mr. Cracksman, the thief. You must travel each stage
trying to get coins and treasures, taking care of not getting caught by
the policemen. If you get every coin in the stage, you will proceed to a
new level.

In this fast arcade, you're always running around inside the bank's basement
mazes. You can speed up so you can strategicaly evade policemen, and also
change your path when you find enough space to do so.

Policemen will try to catch you: at first levels you will only find one
slow policeman, but at higher stages you will find speedier ones, and even
a couple of teamed up policemen trying to catch you, so beware and analyze
your decisions and your path wisely while running!

ARCADE MODE.- Play as Mr. Cracksman in your mission of getting the biggest
loot. Go for a high score while trying to get coins and treasures, and
progressing to highest levels. Try to get the record!

VERSUS MODE.- Challenge a friend a play a Cops'n Robbers game! Player one will
need to get every coin to win, while player two will try to catch the other
one before he succeed. Beat the opponent three times and be the winner!

Tags2D, Arcade, Local multiplayer, MSX, Retro, Versus
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


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